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Gordy Haynes of Orlando's Best Home Inspection, LLC

Why choose Gordy Haynes' of Orlando's Best Home Inspection,LLC?

  • Experience
  • Home Inspection SERVICE
  • Peace Of Mind

Orlando home inspectors come with all different levels of Experience and offer numerous levels of Orlando Home Inspection Service. Gordy Haynes is both a State Certified Home Inspector (one of the first 225 licensed by the state of Florida) AND, a State of Florida Certified General Contractor. For more than thirty years. Gordy Haynes has built, bought and sold thousands of square feet of residential properties in Central and West Florida over the last thirty years. Experience is so important when you select an Orlando Home Inspector. Gordy Haynes has the proven experience to inspect your Orlando home.

Next is the Home Inspection Service Orlando's Best Home Inspection provides. We take our time, inspect your Orlando property with diligent and careful expertise and create an Orlando Home Inspection Report that's detailed, yet easy to understand and will include many images.  The abundant image gallery will help our clients follow and understand items being described. We provide your Orlando Home Inspection Report within 24 hours in most cases and often the same day at no extra charge.

We also specialize in Orlando Home and Business Security. This is a Special and Unique service that's available for general discussion at time of your inspection that no other Orlando home inspector can offer we are aware of.

We also offer an "Optional" cost estimating service of the issues for an additional fee. Everyone wants to know "How Much Will It Cost" when it comes to repairs and renovations.

Peace Of Mind. Think about that for a minute. Wouldn't you feel better knowing you had your home inspected by a State Certified Home Inspector that also has been a State Certified General Contractor for more than thirty years than from an inspector that may have NO Building Experience? That sounds impossible. But up until February 28, 2010, you could have been a hair dresser all your life, and if you took a weekend class for about $250.00, with just a few additional details, the state of Florida allowed you to become a "Florida Licensed Home Inspector", under the "Grandfather Clause". It's true, call the state: Department of Business and Professional Regulations. (DBPR) http://www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/  850.487.1395 .

Be sure to ask how much actual experience the cheapest or matched price has had. That question could prove to be VERY IMPORTANT to you.Orlando Home Inspection


Providing One Of The Best Home Inspection Services For The Following Areas;

Orlando, FL, USA; Winter Park, FL, USA; Apopka, FL, USA; Kissimmee, FL, USA; Sanford, FL, USA; Doctor Phillips, FL, USA; Celebration, FL, USA; Reunion, Four Corners, FL, and locations within 20 miles; Isle worth, East Lake, FL, USA; Edgewood, FL, USA; Conway, FL, USA; Eaglecreek, Citrus Park, FL, USA; Casselberry, FL, USA; Winter Springs, FL, USA; Maitland, FL, USA; St Cloud, FL, USA; Champions Gate, Four Corners, FL, USA;

Specializing In Orlando Home Inspections For All Types Of Orlando Homes, Buildings And Construction Styles

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