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Our Orlando Inspection Schedule REQUIREMENTS!


We have an Orlando Home Inspection Scheduling Process that will ensure you get the schedule you request, you understand what we'll do (and won't for that matter) and how much your inspection will cost.

(NOTE: We no longer offer home inspections for “SOME OCCUPIED” dwellings. The exception is, our “Owner Occupied” Pre-Listing or Maintenance Inspection.)

The Required Process Is This;

  • Call Gordy: 407.461.8825  (confirm he has a possible opening within your time frame.) NOTE: See "Contact -Update Page"!
  • Text Gordy The Inspection Address  (I don't price or consider an inspection without seeing the property description first, No Exceptions) After I look at the property, I'll call you right back with a price. If the property is 1965 or older, additional scheduling may be required as well as additional pricing, ask for details. If it's acceptable and I / we can meet your required schedule then;
  • Confirm the power and water are on and the home "IS NOT WINTERIZED"
  • Confirm your agent or the seller can open AND close the property (This Is Our In House Policy, not a state requirement.)
  •  Then email your request to; RequestHomeInspection@gmail.com  (I'll text this email address to you)
  • (Include: Your Name, Phone Number, Property Address, Date And Time Wanted & Your Agents Name & Number)

We setup your inspection schedule and your file ONLY BY A CONFIRMED EMAIL REQUEST.  You then get a confirming reply that ensures your request and schedule date and time.

In all cases, we must have a signed contract by you or your representative BEFORE  we can do your inspection, AND a licensed real estate agent or seller must open the property and close the property when the inspection is done.

That's It! This way, no one gets confused on the day, time and price for Your Orlando Home Inspection. Both you and I have a recorded record of your request and my commitment.


"Recommend Further Review By Licensed Professional"

There's rarely an Orlando Home Inspection that I won't have one or more comments "I recommend further review by licensed professional" in a report.

Some of the main reasons are;

  • I'm seeing items, issues or concerns that are beyond my license level of expertise as a Generalist, Certified Home Inspector and/or my qualifications. It would be irresponsible to make comments for issues I'm not licensed or qualified to comment on and I don't do it.

  • As "Your" home inspector, I have no ones interest in mind but yours. When I recommend further review by a licensed professional, I'm structuring within "Your" home inspection report, a reasonable cause and expectation for you to require the seller, to ensure to you, the items or issues are clearly identified, corrected or otherwise adjusted for in the the price BEFORE YOU CLOSE ON THE PROPERTY.

  • I'm structuring a reasonable cause to have a licensed professional further review the items and issues of concern and obviously that should include a projected cost and time frame for the issues. (Important to both the seller and the buyer)

  • In all cases, any recommendations for further review by licensed professionals, are "Your" responsibility to schedule AND pay for. 

This is so important to you because it could mean "numerous licensed professionals" need to be involved at your expense. While this may seem frustrating, it should be clear, it's you, my client, that I'm making every effort to protect. So please do not ignore "Recommendation For Further Review By Licensed Professional" AND HAVE THEM FURTHER REVIEW "BEFORE" YOU CLOSE!

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Providing Home Inspection Services For The Following Areas; Orlando, Winter Park, Apopka & Kissimmee, Florida

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