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My Home Inspection Price Structure

Orlando Home Inspectors. Orlando has many great home inspectors. As well as some inspectors that will be great one day and some that never will. It's up to you, the consumer, to understand the difference in all the top contenders as well as why there is a price difference. I respect most of my competitors and have my own structure as to how I charge for a home inspection. I recommend you look for more than the cheapest price when considering which inspection firm to use. Remember, you usually get what you pay for.  My background as a state certified general contractor for more than thirty years provides a resource for just about anything you need with regards to buying, or selling, a home in Orlando.

I base my Orlando home inspection pricing on a number of factors. Two of the most important baselines are:

  • Experience

  • Service

As well as other factors such as; the age of the home, the type of construction, the condition of the property, the location and the number of stories of the property.


As a State of Florida Certified General Contractor for more than thirty years, I've built, bought, sold and inspected thousands of square feet of Orlando Real Estate. I understand the building and construction process from design to completion. As well as the important maintenance items that usually are neglected and as such, lead to property and system failures. Think about it, you just can't circumvent Experience. You can't buy it, you have to earn it with many years of service. It's a lifetime of industry Experience that I bring to your Orlando Home Inspection. I'm not just starting out, I'm not pushing to match any price to get your work. I'm one of Orlando's most experienced,  diverse and licensed home inspection professionals.  Just look to the left of this page and see my Credentials Image. My clients are the most important thing to me and I ALWAYS put MY CLIENTS INTEREST first.


My Orlando home inspection service is specialized and unique to me. My curriculum is one that exceeds most industry standards when it comes to overall thoroughness, length of reports and images included with your inspection. My Orlando home inspections run from 1.5 hours (a small condo) to 4 hours (depending on size, age and condition of the property). My reports run from 50 to 100 pages for a typical 2,000+ sq/ft home.

I provide your home inspection report no later than the next day and usually, it's through the night as you sleep. When you wake up, it's in your email many times.

I'm never going to be the cheapest price you can find. If that's what you looking for, as I said, I'm not your guy.

What About

Pool Inspections, Termite /WDO, 4 Point & Wind Mitigation

WDO inspection... I've seen the damage caused by WDO all my life. I recommend my clients ONLY USE a state licensed entomologist! Think about it for a minute. Wouldn't you rather have a State Licensed Entomologist do your WDO inspection? That's REQUIRED by the state! Because if you should find that you have a claim for termite or WDO damage, you'd better be sure your inspection firm has the insurance and liability position to stand good for a mistake. You may pay a little more for a state licensed Entomologist, but in my opinion, you'll be much better off should you find you have a claim for damages that you and your family just never planed on. It's an expensive proposition to have coverage for that liability. I recommend you be sure of the insurance that's in place before you go for the cheapest price for your Termite and WDO inspection.

Here are some additional comments and a website I think you'll find informative regarding WDO inspectors.

Other ways you can determine a legal termite and WDO inspector:

  • Ask to see the technician's ID card. It should have “State of Florida, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services” printed at the top.
  • Check the FDACS website to verify that you are dealing with a licensed pest control company or to see if your inspector has a valid ID card. Go to http://aessearch.freshfromflorida.com/, "Licensed Pesticide Applicator Search."
  • Call the FDACS Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control at (850) 617-7997 if you have any questions.

The Pool Inspection. Same thing. I could make an extra $25.00-$100.00 with each inspection. But again, I put my clients interest first. Most inspectors look at items "ABOVE THE WATERLINE". If you get that service free or at a small additional charge, be sure you understand, one of the most potentially expensive failures and repair cost on a pool is the failure of the shell. Without specialized equipment and/or scuba gear, you can't know for sure if the shell has a leak. And be sure to look at the fine print, the cheapest price likely doesn't warrant the shell from any leaks. So again, for me, I recommend my clients have a State Licensed Pool Contractor do the pool inspection. They know what to look for beyond generic's, and they likely have insurance to cover a mistake. That's something the cheapest inspector may not have. I recommend to be SURE the pool company has the specialized equipment to detect leaks "Under The Waterline". Not all licensed pool contractor will.

As for 4 point and Wind Mitigation, we have referrals for that. That could be one of several independent inspection firm that specializes in wind mitigation and 4 point inspections. With some of our referrals, when they do your wind mitigation inspection, the 4 point is free. Ask about the FREE FOUR POINT INSURANCE INSPECTION when you have a Wind Mitigation done!

Thanks for looking and I wish you the best.

Remember, you usually get what you pay for.  

Orlando Home Inspection

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