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Contract :     Orlando's Best  Home Inspection

Contract / Disclosures State Of Florida's Requirements

Note: Florida Law REQUIRES The Contract Be Signed Before A Home Inspection Can Be Done.

Gordy Haynes: State Certified Home Inspector HI 225

Gordy Haynes: Orlando's Best Home Inspection        Orlando, Florida  32806         United States      407.461.8825

Orlando Home Inspection: 

Orlando Home Inspection Sample Contract

Please Note: I'll Send Prospective Clients This Form Through Email Services.

I MUST Received The Signed Agreement


It's Florida Law.

Ask About The Optional Cost Analysis With Your Orlando Home Inspection.

Please review the contract below. This is our standard contract and is required by the state of Florida to be signed "Before" we begin an inspection.


The Client understands and agrees that this Contract is a part of the Inspection Report and acceptance of or payment for the Inspection Report by the Client will confirm  acceptance of  this agreement, even if Client was not present at the inspection and/or has not signed this agreement. The Client understands that this report and any information therein is intended for the sole use of the Client and shall not substitute for, replace or be used in lieu of any required Transfer Disclosure Statements and shall not be disclosed to any person or persons other than the parties to the transaction for which this Inspection report was ordered. Nothing in the Inspection Report, and no opinion of the Inspector, shall be construed as advice to the Client to purchase, or not to purchase, the property. This contract supersedes all previous communications. We DO NOT do Termite Inspections nor do we inspect crawlspaces of any kind. This is not an Insurance Four Point Inspection or Wind Mitigation. If the property is a condominium or townhome that’s under an HOA agreement, ONLY THE INSIDE AREA OF THE UNIT IS INSPECTED. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling. No exterior, attic space or crawlspace, no roofs, no common areas or outside equipment are included. Accessory Buildings, Aluminum Awnings or porch covers or Un-Attached Buildings are NOT INCLUDED. PURPOSE AND SCOPE OF INSPECTION:   The Visual Inspection Service & following Opinion is performed in accordance with accepted Standards of Practice for Professional Home Inspectors as defined by the State of Florida and is intended to provide an opinion, through observation, as to the apparent general condition of a building’s components, systems or parts thereof, including the identification of significant observable deficiencies as they exist at the time of the inspection if seen and recognized by the inspector. The observation is limited to a visual survey of certain fixed components and systems of a property. Any area which is not exposed to view, is concealed, blocked or otherwise inaccessible for any reason, including by soil, walls or wall coverings, floors or floor coverings, ceilings,  adequate overhead clearance as deemed by the inspector, furnishings, occupant belongings,  or any other thing or things, are NOT included in this inspection. Inspections of GAS Appliances, Any Type Fuel Oil, Fireplaces or Fireboxes are NOT included in this inspection. Client agrees to have owners personal belongings, located within a closet that has attic access, cleared out and or be protected. Otherwise, that access/attic will not be inspected. Inspector cannot be responsible for others personal property when accessing any attic area.  Client agrees to assume all the risk for all conditions, which are concealed from view at the time of the inspection. Items not identified in the report are to be considered not inspected and NOT to be included in this inspection. This inspection does not include any destructive or dismantling testing. HVAC air handlers that are located in the attic or suspended from a ceiling will not be inspected. NOTE: The distribution of conditioned air is not included in the scope of this home inspection. The interior surfaces of the air ducts are not included in the scope of this inspection. Any portion of the air duct system that is enclosed in a chaseway or otherwise not readily accessible is excluded from this inspection. Testing for mold, mildew, fiberglass, or other environmental concerns is not performed or included in this scope of this inspection. This is not a warranty, guarantee or insurance policy. Roof inspections and interior areas above 10 feet shall be from the Eve’s, at ground level or from the floor level at inspector’s discretion.  Two or more story roofs with upper eve height above 24' and all Tile roofs, won't be inspected and will be recommended to be inspected by licensed roofer. Your report will be delivered by email usually within 24-36 hours. Report is not transferable. CLIENT understands that the report is written for them exclusively. CLIENT agrees that they will not transfer or disclose any part of the inspection report to any other person. Orlando’s Best Home Inspection is not responsible for any interpretation of the report by third parties. CLIENT agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Orlando’s Best Home Inspection, LLC. / Gordon Haynes (aka: Gordy Haynes) from any errors and omissions or third party claims relating to the inspection & report.

The following are also outside the scope of this inspection and not included:  Components that are concealed or inaccessible cannot be inspected and are excluded. For example, underground pipes, waterproofing, wall-framing components, any items concealed or obstructed by insulation, vegetation, furnishings, rugs, wall coverings, un-floored attic space, etc., Environmental hazards or conditions, including, but not limited to, Chinese Drywall, toxic, reactive, combustible, or corrosive contaminants, wildfire, odors, noise, flood potential, electromagnetic fields, underground storage tanks, asbestos, radon gas, gas and gas appliances of any kind, lead paint, urea formaldehyde, PCB’s (organic pollutant banned in 1979), water or air quality, the proximity to toxic waste sites, or other environmental or health hazards • Structural integrity, EIFS/synthetic stucco, geological, sinkholes are not included with this inspection, soil or hydrological stability, survey, engineering, analysis or testing • Permit research or validation, building code, installation or zoning violations • The examination of conditions related to animals, rodents, insects, wood destroying insects, dry rot, organisms, mold and mildew, carcinogens or the damage caused thereby • Radio controlled devices or low-voltage systems, appliances are not inspected for function-just as existing or not. This includes all kitchen appliances • Window coverings • Automatic gates, elevators, playground equipment, load control devices, television / telephone systems, security systems to include lighting and display monitors, solar systems, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, fire suppression systems, sink or tub overflows, humidifiers, buried or underground piping, shower pans, mist systems, steam baths, saunas, spa tubs, fountains, ponds, swimming pools and related equipment, French drains, central vacuum systems, BBQ’s / smokers, ignite fires or hidden moisture, fireplace units, per-fab or masonry. • The examination or operation of any city or well water delivery system and sewage disposal system or component including, but not limited to, septic tanks, cesspools, and/or any underground system or portion thereof, or ejector pumps for rain or waste and water conditioning systems • Landscape or farm irrigation systems • The condition and/or irrigation of trees, shrubs or vegetation of any kind • Any item which is hidden from view or impractical to test • Operate any system or component which is shutdown or inoperable • Uniformity or adequacy of cool or heated air supply or ductwork • Any areas not accessible by a fourteen (14) foot ladder or an opening less than thirty (36 x 24 inches) will not be included in this inspection. We do not inspect crawlspaces. Nor areas “under the Main Floor System  NO EXCEPTIONS,  no follow up inspections are included with this inspection contract. The Client agrees to read the entire Inspection Report. The Client understands the report will come only as an emailed PDF report. No hard copies are included for this report. The inspector is a generalist in property inspection requirements and is not acting or performing the duties of a license contractor, structural engineer or expert in any trade. If the inspector recommends further investigation by other specialists, professionals or experts it will be at the direction of the client and at the client’s expense. Attic inspection requires an access with an opening size of 36” x 24” minimum,  switched light above the opening and a walk planking through the attic area with a head clearance of 60” or more. Otherwise attic inspection will be limited to viewing from attic access area only.

 LIMITS OF LIABILITY:   The Client agrees there is and will be NO LIABILITY OTHER THAN THE FEE CHARGED BY GORDY HAYNES of Orlando's Best Home Inspection, LLC, THE INSPECTION COMPANY ( Orlando's Best Home Inspection, LLC ) AND/OR INSPECTOR FOR ERRORS AND OMISSIONS related to the home inspection. Should a dispute arise, Client agrees each party will NOT be entitled to reasonable attorney fees and the full and complete liability shall be limited to the total fee paid for the home inspection by the Client.. This limitation applies to anyone who is damaged or has to pay expenses of any kind because of undetected/undisclosed defects in this inspection and report. This liability limitation is binding on Client, his/her company and Client’s spouses, heirs, principals, and anyone else who may otherwise claim through the Client. Client assumes the risk of all losses greater than the fee paid for the inspection. Client agrees that any claim arising from this inspection limits the Inspection Company liability to never exceed the collected amount of the inspection. Any dispute, controversy, interpretation or claim including claims for, but not limited to, breach of contract, any form of negligence, fraud or misrepresentation arising out of, from or related to, this contract or arising out of, from or related to the inspection or inspection report shall be submitted to final and binding arbitration under the provisions of the Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. The decision of the Arbitrator appointed there under shall be final and binding and judgment of the Award may be entered in any Court of competent jurisdiction. Client and/or Client’s Representative(s) are totally responsible for their own safety during the inspection process. Client will be accountable for any damage to property components / systems resulting from normal operation of components by the Inspector. The report does contain technical language, if at any time the Client(s) or Client’s Representative do not understand any statement or observation in the report; it is the Client(s) responsibility to consult with the inspector or Inspection Company to receive further clarification. Client understands and agrees all images taken become the exclusive property of Gordy Haynes and maybe used for marketing.

 NOTE: Sometimes we are asked to do an inspection when the utilities are NOT on. In that case, all items, components or systems typically requiring power or  water couldn't be properly and competently inspected. We no longer will offer inspections for properties that have either the power off or the water off OR that have been "Winterized". If we are scheduled for an inspection, and upon arrival, find either the power or water is off or Tape and signs indicate the home is "Winterized", we will cancel the inspection and leave. No follow up inspections are included with any home inspection. We do NOT turn on any "Off" breakers, water shut-off's, switches or controls  found in the "Off" position. Remember: If you are recommended further review by licensed professional(s), it's at your expense, in your best interest and your responsibility to schedule those BEFORE you close.

I have read and agree to the above terms.


Property Address: 

Client Signature: X__________________Date:___________        05   /        /2017 ______________

Inspector (Gordy Haynes): ___________Date:___________         05    /       / 2017 ______________  

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