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General Updates

"What's New"

For 2017

Spam Filters, New Algorithm

In keeping with on going times relevant to SPAM, we have incorporated a new SPAM policy that will possibly effect BOTH your Phone Access AND your Email Access to our system.

Like all Orlando Home Inspection Firms, we have gotten our share of "Scheduled, then last minute canceled inspections, emails from impostor clients and phone calls and text messages out of our service areas consisting purely of SPAM content".

In order to better service our "ACTUAL" Orlando and Service Area Clients, we have  incorporated our own Algorithm and Spam Filters for our contact features.

Because of such profound amounts of SPAM, from phones calls, text AND emails,  it eventually could have compromised our ability to provide the level of service to our Real World Client potentials we choose to give.


Most legitimate clients will have no problem at all!

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, for the majority of our existing and future potential clients, it will only serve for better communications AND better overall service.

If you don't hear from us...we don't reply to your email, text or your call doesn't get through, we recommend you choose another inspection firm for your Orlando Home Inspection. 

Additional "What's New":

Properties built prior to 1965 may require additional licensed professionals and inspections that may reate both additional cost to the client and possible scheduling concerns. A home that has, for example, electrical systems and components that are 50 years old, should be further reviewed by a licensed electrical contractor or licensed electrician. Our clients interest come first and our background has seen important issues, like out-dated electrical systems, that we know should be further reviewed by licensed professionals beyond the license capacity and qualifications of a home inspector. We will discuss what and why we recommend additional professionals on all properties pre-1965. This is not a state requirement, it's our in house policy. Note Also, we no longer offer inspection for homes with crawlspaces. Ask why...

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Saturday & Sunday......Closed

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