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Orlando Home Inspection

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  • Detailed Inspection Reports.

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Orlando Home Inspection

Welcome to Orlando Home Inspection. Gordy Haynes is a Certified Home Inspector of Orlando's Best Home Inspection, LLC. and provides  home inspection service for the following


Inspection Types:

  • Buyer Home Inspection. Get peace of mind knowing you have someone with ONLY your interest in mind with your Orlando Home Inspection.

  • Seller “Pre-Listing” property inspections. Find out the issues BEFORE you sales becomes bogged down with newly discovered home inspection problems by the Buyer’s Home Inspector.

  • Insurance 4pt & Wind Mitigation Inspection Referrals. Referrals are also available with your Orlando Home Inspection. If we provide a referral for an inspection we don't do, nothing about it is ever guaranteed. You make the decision to use them or not. HOWEVER, We ASK THEY GIVE OUR CLIENTS "SOME" DISCOUNT. The goal with a home inspection referral service is to add inspection value to the CLIENT!

  • We Offer An Optional Cost Estimate Of The Inspection Problems And Issues Found. That runs $450.00 per $25,000.00 of estimate produced. It's profound as a buyers negotiation tool and it gives both the buyer and seller an idea of possible "additional expenditures" someone will have to incur.

New For 2018...

  • Buyer & Seller Walk-Through
  • Slight Price Increases
  • Discounted Security Assessments When Ordered Within 10 Days Of Your Home Inspection.
  • For Property Inspections Prior To 1965;
    • Additional Fees May Apply
    • Additional Scheduling May Be Required
  • We No Longer Offer Inspections For Homes With Crawlspaces...Ask For A Details!

New Walk-Through Services For 2018

Orlando Home Walk-Through: Two Types;

  • Seller / Buyer Walk-Through #1, no report but a lot of information: Cost... 40 % less than the standard home inspection fee. With this, my client walks with me around and through the home and we discuss any issues I see. I don't walk the roof but I look for visible signs of issues from the ground as well as the inside walls and ceilings. You have the opportunity to ask questions concerning anything that's on your mind.  Takes about an hour for a 2,000 Sq/Ft home.

  • Seller / Buyer Walk-Through #2, no report but a lot of information and...: The same scope as above with the addition the HVAC air handler is opened and inspected, the main electrical service panel is opened and inspected. 30 % less than the standard home inspection fee.

Who Might Want This?

  • A seller that wants a heads up on the condition of the home before listing it without paying for a full Orlando home inspection.

  • A buyer that wants a general condition check for major items that will stand out and could be a possible deal breaker BEFORE THEY TIE UP DEPOSITS AND TIME. (Note: you can't do the second option, to open panels, etc. until you have a signed contract unless you're the owner / seller.)

  • A buyer that is under contract and you want a little more information from a Florida State Licensed Certified Orlando Home Inspector, than the basic walkthrough provides, and just check out the major systems of the home in more detail. 

While there is a great difference compared to to full Orlando Home Inspection report, many times it's a great way to save a lot of money with your home inspection and still have a licensed Florida home inspector, with more than thirty years industry experience look at your Orlando home buying and Orlando Seller considerations. I always offered this to repeat clients, but I have had a number of clients approach me with it, so I've decided to add this service to those that want it.

New For 2017, Discount Home Security Assessments

As a Florida State Certified General Contractor & Orlando Home Security Contractor we now offer discount Home Security assessments when you order a Security Assessment with your Orlando Home Inspection. We do everything from home entrance enhancements to Orlando Safe Rooms and full ballistic rate Orlando Panic Rooms. Just ask for details when you order your Orlando Home Inspection. See our Orlando Home Security link here.

What We Inspect

We provide an Orlando home inspection that includes exterior inspection, roof inspection, interior inspection, electrical, plumbing & HVAC inspection and hundreds of other home and Orlando condo inspection items.

For a more detailed overview of  What Our Service Is About,  just brows our home inspectors site.

An Orlando Home Inspector that is easy to talk to AND easy to understand.  Contact Us  today and see how easy it is to schedule your Orlando Home Inspection.

Read Some Of Our Reviews Here

An Orlando Home Inspection we feel is just the best. Can’t imagine any home inspection firm doing a better job. Very nice and knowledgeable guy. We looked at his reviews and agree with all we read. Recommend for sure.  Dave,  Orlando

My wife and I are Orlando home buyers. We didn’t really have a clue to many issues Gordy pointed out. Not just problem issues, but he explained many items and systems in a way that is important to us. Thank you Gordy.   Joe & Kim, Orlando

Great inspection company. Great report. 62 pages long. We passed on the home but are thankful we discovered the issues (al. wiring). We appreciate it Gordy, good luck to you. Highly recommend!!  Mr. Quale,  Orlando

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Why have Gordy Haynes: Orlando's Best home Inspection, Do Your Inspection?

Inspection of your home will give you the information to help make a better informed decision. You get just one chance to get it right. Get a home inspection from someone that knows construction and has built thousands of square feet of Orlando Real Estate. Click Here To See How To Schedule Your  Orlando Home Inspection.

Think about that for a minute. Wouldn’t you rather have someone with more than thirty years as a General Contractor and Orlando Home Inspector do your Orlando home inspection than a new, still learning home inspector. The lesser experienced home inspector may be cheaper, but you always get what you pay for.

Sample Orlando Home Inspection Images

Orlando home inspectionOrlando, Fl Home Inspection image 2Orlando Home Inspection Electrical Inspection image

Images are just a sample of issues we discover in many Orlando Home Inspections


An Orlando Home Inspector Providing Home Inspections For;

Orlando, Winter Park, Apopka and Kissimmee, Florida

Home Inspection In Orlando

More Than Thirty Years Industry Experience!

Providing Home Inspection Services For The Following Areas; Orlando, Winter Park, Apopka & Kissimmee, Florida

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Orlando Home Inspection

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